In this paper the authors focus on the ship hull structure strengths and fatigue analyses, in order to estimate the ship service life period at the initial design stage. The topic of the paper is divided in three-interlinked parts. The first part includes the method for the hull strength analysis, based on 3D/1D-FEM models, under equivalent quasi-static head wave loads. The second part presents the method for the ship hull dynamic response analysis, based on non-linear hydroelasticity theory with second order wave spectrum. The last part includes the fatigue analysis method for the initial ship hull structure, based on the long-term prediction ship dynamic response, the cumulative damage ratio and the design S-N material curves. The numerical analyses are carried out for a LPG carrier with independent cargo-tanks type A. Two significant load cases are considered: full and ballast. The numerical results outline the extreme wave loads and the ships initial service life evaluation.

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