With the growing energy needs of the world and the sustainable nature of wind energy this sector is a highly innovative growth industry. The past years have seen the industry develop and test not only more efficient, but also much larger wind turbines than those that are in current use. The next generation of wind turbines that are on the drawing boards are gigantic in size. These huge dimensions of the proposed wind turbines will put large demands on the foundations. As an increasing number of wind farms are being planned offshore in water depths of over 40 m, the combination of water depth and the increased windmill tower heights and rotor blade diameters create loads that make foundation design very complex. Moreover, offshore foundations are exposed to additional loads such as ocean currents, storm wave loading, ice loads and potential ship impact loads. All of these factors pose significant challenges in the design and construction of wind turbine foundations. This paper presents the various issues facing the designer in designing and constructing wind turbine tower foundations. Current practices are summarized to assist developers in foundation type selection and design.

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