The first DNV-OS-J101 standard “Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures” [1] was issued in June 2004. The standard represented a condensation of all relevant requirements in DNV standards for the offshore oil and gas industry which were considered relevant also for offshore wind turbine structures, supplemented by necessary adaptation to the wind turbine application. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) plans to issue the next revision of DNV-OS-J101 [2] in 2007. The DNV revised standard now implements the requirements of the coming IEC 61400-3 standard [11], which was presented as a committee draft in 2006. Numerous practical guidelines have been included to help designers of offshore wind turbine structures to develop cost optimal designs. The present paper summarises the proposed revisions of DNV-OS-J101 [2]. The most important revisions cover new formulations for design load cases, modified partial safety factors, exclusion of transformer platforms, more information on wave loads in shallow water and a revised chapter for design of concrete structures.

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