The authors have developed a wave-current interaction model. It includes a wave sub-model based on the elliptic form of the mild slope wave equation with a parabolic mild slope wave equation as a boundary condition. It also includes a hydrodynamic sub-model which has been developed to examine set-up, set-down and currents in the coastal zone. The wave breaking model used in the wave sub-model affects the results of set-up, set-down and current obtained using the hydrodynamic sub-model. This paper examines a number of different breaking models and compares the set-up, set-down and currents obtained using radiation stress values which are calculated from derivatives of velocity potential. The velocity potential is obtained in the wave sub-model using the various breaking models being examined. The results show a number of possible breaking models for set-up and set-down calculation and also shows shortcomings in various breaking models when it comes to calculation of longshore currents.

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