This work focus on the hydrodynamical problem of an LNG carrier near a GBS-type offshore terminal subject to incoming waves in medium deep to shallow water conditions. The work is restricted to 2D and the ship is restrained from moving. The resonant behaviour of the fluid in the gap between the ship and the terminal is investigated. The problem is investigated by means of a numerical model and model tests. Potential theory is assumed and a linear as well as a nonlinear time-domain numerical wavetank based on a boundary element method with a Mixed Eularian-Lagrangian approach is implemented for this purpose. Model tests (near 2D) of a mid-ship section near a vertical wall is carried out in a 26.5m long and 0.595m wide wave flume in model scale 1:70. In full scale the ship beam is 45m and the ship draft 12m. The ship model is constructed in such a way as to avoid flow separation, i.e. no sharp corners. Several parameters are varied: Water depth, wave period and wave steepness. Wave elevation is measured at twelve locations.

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