The focus in this paper is directed toward to the investigation into hybrid metal-polymer-ceramic damping coatings for pipelines and fuel tanks. Recently sandwiched coatings have been manufactured by advanced technology based on thermal flame spraying of foamy aluminum or its alloy and viscoelastic polymeric layers (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). Technological aspects of manufacturing are discussed for tailoring safety and reliability of pipeline structure affected by external shock impact and vibrations. The particle-reinforced coatings is further formed as a constrained-layer damping coating system (CLD) showing the greatest range over which damping coatings have excellent energy absorbing/damping properties over bulk materials. Modal loss factors of clamped specimen obtained at 60–80% coverage were higher than maximum damping values obtained in the case of 100% specimen coverage. FEM-based computer modeling was used to predict the damping of multilayer materials by a strain energy method.

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