The structural stress (SS) method developed by BATTELLE has been studied based on small or mid size scale specimens. In order to apply new method on actual project, the new method such as SS should have application results on actual project. However, SS method didn’t have a lot of application data compared to class procedure using hot spot stress (HSS). In order to find that the SS method for the evaluation of fatigue life can give reasonable results when it is applied under the same loading suggested by classification societies, fatigue lives derived by class and SS method were compared. ABS & DNV’s simplified fatigue analysis method were adopted to check the validity of SS method. Before applying complicated loading of class, static loading case was applied since the class method has their own correlation factor for wave loading. And then simplified fatigue analysis was performed with more complicated loading cases. From the results of fatigue life calculation, it can be said that SS shows reasonable fatigue lives with respect to HSS or notch stress based fatigue lives.

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