This work discusses the conceptual design of a maneuvering test platform to be installed at the LABOCEANO ocean basin. The platform features a 35m long main bridge, crossing over the whole basin width. A secondary trolley runs along the main bridge, connected to the model. The combination of the bridge and trolley motions can impose a very flexible range of trajectories to the model. The trolley will be equipped with special devices which enable the imposition of harmonic motion up to four degrees of freedom simultaneously. The platform technical specification includes longitudinal and transversal velocities up to 1 m/s, acceleration up to 0.2 m/s, and maximum trajectory diameter of 26m. The amplitude and frequency of the forced harmonic motion may read 0.5 m and 0.2 Hz for surge and sway; 0.15 m and 2 Hz in heave; 10 degrees and 2 Hz in roll and pitch; and 30 degrees and 0.5 Hz in yaw. The work features a general description of the platform design with special emphasis in the structural, mechanical, control and safety aspects.

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