The low frequency (LF) response of a soft yoke moored 160kDWT FPSO in shallow water is investigated by conducting frequency domain computations and wave basin model tests. An incident wave with Hs = 4.1m and Tp = 8.9s is applied. An obvious LF part appears in the measured wave spectrum at water depth of 16.7m. As a result, the 1st order LF wave force exists and is much larger than the 2nd one. The difference of the spectrums is about one hundred times. The LF wave drift force increases enormously. Consequently, much larger resonant surge response is induced. The LF surge amplitude at h = 16.7m is about 7 times the one at h = 29.0m and 9 times the one in deep water, although the 2nd order response changes a little. Therefore, in very shallow water, LF part of incident waves should be taken into account carefully and LF wave forces and wave induced motions will be very serious.

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