The expectation of a floating structure for the ocean space utilization is increasing. In the future, when a floating structure will be used as the ocean space utilization, buildings will be constructed on a floating structure and people will be active at the building. The building is called superstructure in this paper. A superstructure is deformed by wave loads unlike the land buildings. For the purpose, it is necessary that the dynamic characteristics of a superstructure due to wave loads are grasped. The superstructure should be safe and comfortable for people. Therefore a superstructure must satisfy the requirements for the structural safety and the habitability in the step of the primary design. In this paper, the response of a superstructure is carried out by integrated analysis. The significant waves for 100 year return period and those for 10 year return period are used for the confirmation and the evaluation of the structural safety and the habitability respectively. The results on the structural safety and the habitability are discussed.

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