This work presents the Stereo Vision and 3D Submarine Dimension System design and its experimental test to validate the system, which is the result of cooperation between PETROBRAS and COPPE/UFRJ, with the purpose of developing a system that allows, in real time, the three-dimensional visualization (stereo) and dimension of submarine structures (pipes, umbilical, connectors and valves) and anomalies. Basically, the system is characterized by an optimized hardware-and-software co-design procedure. The software includes a stereophotogrametry algorithm for precise, real-time, inspection and dimensioning operations. From a pair of cameras positioned on a ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle, the system allows the telepresence sensation by three-dimensional vision of remote sites considerably reducing the time and, consequently, the costs of operation. The work also presents test results: laboratory small scale tests, test at PETROBRAS tank and a full-scale test on an inspection boat, with dimension of real pipe damages at Campos Basin. The system will provide three-dimensional images of submarine structures allowing the acquisition of consistent and accurate data to assist the decision for the need of repairing operations.

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