As the result of carried out research we proved the point, that in design and construction of ship and off-shore structures, it is possible to determine accurate values of end mechanical properties and microstructure of welded joints of category 420÷690 steel thick plates. The strengthening meters we obtained in the course of work (cementite, solution, precipitation, ferrite grain size) together with end mechanical properties (Rm, Re, A5, Z, KV0, KV20, KV40, KV60) enable us to determine metallurgical agents (chemical composition, Vch, t0, th) which make it possible to meet acceptance requirements of high strength steel. The worked-out correlation equations of welded joints mechanical properties may be helpful in assessing the influence of welding technology (t8/5, Tmax, E) on meeting acceptance requirements. We proposed the equation which can be used for preliminary assessment of currently produced high strength steels weldability (Ce31) and correlation equations used to calculate maximum hardness of HAZ material (HVmax).

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