The steel water gate, which received variable water pressure due to gap of water level between sea and balancing reservoir, damaged in its gate lip by fatigue crack. In order to find the cause of this damage, various investigate programs, including observation with microscope and measurement of stress and water level, were performed. By the comprehensive analysis of the results of these investigation programs, it was concluded that this damage was caused by the cyclic loading on the gate lip from the ground surface, and found out the relation between sea water level and stress occur at damaged point. After then, the damaged part was replaced with new reinforced element. In addition, for checking the effect of this measure, the crack growth estimation was executed with FLARP, the numerical simulation code which was developed by the authors. As the result of the numerical simulation, the crack growth curve became visible quantitatively, and it was confirmed that the possibility of the reoccurrence of the fatigue crack was removed by the measures which we took, under the assumed loading condition.

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