20 years of geotechnical investigation in the Campeche Sound were integrated using geostatistics to build a 3D model of the soil stratigraphy of a 800 km2 area. This model was developed analyzing the data structure and its space variability to conform the analytical model which later on was implemented into a Geographical Information System (GIS) in order to have not only rapid and a friendly access to the model but also to the original geotechnical and geophysical field reports and the location of infrastructure and geohazards in the area. A major part of the work was done by combining the experience and knowledge of the technology used to explore the soils and its evolution in 20 years with the scientific rigor of the geostatistics techniques in order to correlate the soil strata. In this article we present the methodology used to develop the model as well as the results obtained by its implementaion in a GIS.

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