In this paper, a general formulation of section-capacities of a circular RC tubular cross-section is first presented. It is assumed that the strain-stress relation of the concrete in the compression zone is simply modelled as bilinear function with ultimate values given in Eurocode 2, and the concrete works only in the compression zone. Tension stresses of the cross-section are carried by the reinforcement. Having presented a general formulation of extreme bending moment and axial force of a RC monopod offshore tower under wave loading, uncertainties in both section capacities and loading terms are presented. Then, a reliability calculation of the cross-section is performed. In this calculation, the balance of the axial force is used to determine concrete compression zone during the reliability iteration and the failure function is defined on the basis of the section capacity- and applied bending moments. Variation of the reliability index with various parameters is investigated and most sensitive uncertainty variables are identified.

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