In the assessment of an old jacket type offshore platform, the Reserve Strength Ratio (RSR) should be computed and it is used for accepting or rejecting the platform for the future. There are many parameters affecting the Reserve Strength Ratio of such a structure. One of the important parameter is the bias factor (Br) of the structural element ultimate capacity. The bias factor is defined as the ratio of best estimate or true values to the nominal or predicted values. This parameter must be obtained for all structural elements including bracing members (in buckling or tension), joint strength, and piles lateral capacity by considering actual behavior of element material. Most of the recommended bias factors for the structural elements are evaluated from experimental results. In this paper, a review on the parameters affecting Reserve Strength Ratio of the Jacket Type Offshore Platforms subjected to Metocean loading is performed and a method is presented for the obtaining of bias factor related to structural element capacity. The method is applied to evaluate assessment of three sample platforms in the Persian Gulf. The results in terms of RSR are compared with the analysis results using previous recommended bias factors.

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