IMO (International Maritime Organization) has so far been producing several conventions with objective to ensure safety of ship operation and pollution prevention. In practice, however, implementations are rather exigent since some countries that ratified the conventions face so many difficulties due to mainly lack of fund and human resources. To solve this problem, efforts in educating people for marine hazard prevention and countermeasure must be supported by giving chances to people to get experiences directly in marine hazard prevention and countermeasure through performing simulation using computer. This can be made possible by setting marine accident or incident scenarios and participants involve in the simulation process will represent all parties related to marine Hazard countermeasures. This research is mainly aimed to develop and evaluate essential technological and engineering hardware and software for encountering marine hazard as well as essential risk management system, covered organizers and human resources, which have proper judgment ability and leadership. This research is also directed to seek optimum alternative method to train and educate people to get knowledge and experience on hazard prevention. The simulation is provided with a database system which eases the participant in performing their tasks. Responses to each scenario will be optimized by comparing three (3) indicators, namely: cost, resources and time for task completion. At the end of the simulation, a formal procedure for the countermeasure can be designed which guarantee those three indicators are minimum. A data mining system is also attached to the simulation to enable the database system automatically classifies the data according to the responses of the participants.

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