To know more about the hydrodynamic environments either in extreme conditions or in normal conditions, numerical simulation becomes more important due to insufficient field data. For large open sea, numerical models based on momentum balanced equation as mild slope equation or Boussinesq equation seems to be impractical. The third generation spectral numerical model was used in this discussion WAVEWATCH and SWAN to forecast wave conditions. Each model itself was nested and offered boundary conditions for smaller scale computation. WAVEWATCH provided extern boundary conditions for SWAN model computations. So wave parameter of different scale could be described so to offer wave parameters for engineering concerning. At the same time, some characteristics of third generation spectral wave model were depicted. Input winds were from NCEP analyzed data and QSCAT data respectively. The comparisons of computation with these data would show the spectral model characteristics of typical dependence on the wind condition. The output of WAVEWATCH under cyclone was also discussed in the paper.

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