A new type hydrocyclone, air-injected de-oil hydrocyclone (AIDOH), was developed. Basic separation principle of the AIDOH, prototype structure, experimental technical process and facilities are introduced. The effect of different geometric parameters, including vortex finder diameter and length, micro-pore diameter, and different operating conditions, such as flowrate, split ratio, gas-liquid ratio, and air-injecting position, were studied. Laboratory experiments were carried out first to provide basis for field tests. The field research indicates that, for around 1000 mg/l polymer-flooding oily produced-water, the optimum flowrate is 4.20 m3/h for the testing prototype, the split ratio should be 30%; gas-liquid ratio 0.45. It also shows that 20–40 µm micro-pore materials are optimum diameter for hydrocyclonic separation enhancement Research indicates that the AIDOH has satisfied separation effect, which is feasible for emulsified oil treatment. The AIDOH will have better application prospect in petrochemical, environmental field, especially for offshore application, to reduce space occupied by normal water treatment facilities.

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