In order to investigate hull responses of post-Panamax container ships in the actual sea, full-scale measurements on hull responses of a post-Panamax container ship in service were conducted. In linear wave domain, the probability density distributions of hull responses obtained by full-scale measurements were compared with the Rayleigh distributions to check on the range of the applicability, and comparisons with the long-term distributions of the longitudinal stress obtained by full-scale measurements and the direct structural analyses based on the wave loads analyzed by using the linear 3D Rankine source method were made to verify the accuracy. In non-linear wave domain, the measured longitudinal stresses showed the asymmetry of vertical bending moment. The long-term distributions of hull responses, which have the high harmonic components, obtained by full-scale measurements were compared with the numerical results analyzed by using non-linear methods to investigate the non-linearity on hull responses of container ship.

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