A new concept of control technique to perform operation of trajectory maneuvering to a controllable underwater towed vehicle moving in a designated path with a required attitude is presented. A trajectory and attitude control technique for the towed vehicle is proposed in order to accomplish the vehicle’s trajectory and attitude manipulations. This technique is based on a fuzzy algorithm. The towed vehicle in the research consists of a cylindrical main body equipped with several active horizontal and vertical control surfaces. Numerical simulation on the hydrodynamic and control behavior of the towed vehicle under this control manipulation is conducted based on a fully 3-D hydrodynamic model of an underwater towed vehicle. In the model the governing equation of the towed cable is based on the Ablow and Schechter method. The six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion for an underwater vehicle simulation proposed by Gertler and Hagen are adopted to estimate the hydrodynamic performance of the towed vehicle. In numerical simulation the deflections of vehicle’s control surfaces are governed by the proposed fuzzy controller to manipulate the vehicle traveling along a 3-D stipulated trajectory configuration and required attitude. The values of the deflections are taken as input parameters for the hydrodynamic model at every time step. The performance of the towed vehicle under different designated trajectory and attitude control manipulations can then be investigated with the hydrodynamic model.

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