This work reports a study of B-Spline curves and surfaces applied to the geometric definition of hulls of ships and oil drilling and production platforms. The research aims at defining mathematically the floating body surface in suitable formats for the analysis of functional behaviour of the design object with sophisticated methods and tools. The WAMIT system was chosen as a reference in the research due to its reliability as a professional tool for hydrodynamic behaviour of floating systems in practice. The B-Spline model is input to the WAMIT system in the required format for the analysis of hull motion response to waves. The quality of the results obtained with B-Splines modeling was compared the ones obtained with flat panels. B-Splines have shown to be an effective approach, more efficient in computing terms when compared with the flat panels approach and suitable to optimization scripts. It revealed itself as a more adequate procedure to the design work as it simplifies the hull form mathematical definition of floating systems.

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