This study reports the experimental results of the wave transformation and the wave-induced soil response when the waves pass through the submerged permeable breakwater. The model of the submerged breakwater was built on a horizontal sandy bottom. The experimental results of the spectrum of the wave transformation and the wave-induced pore-pressure are first analyzed in this paper. It is found that the wave spectrum is similar to the condition of the impermeable bottom that the higher harmonic mode appears when the waves pass over the submerged structure. However, the higher harmonic mode is not found in the spectrum of the wave-induced pore pressure, showing that the nonlinearity of the pore pressure is damped by the porous bed. The influences of the geometry of the submerged breakwater to the transformation of the wave height and the pore-pressure are also investigated. Based on the experimental results, the regression formulas for the coefficients of the wave reflection, the wave transmission and the wave energy dissipation are obtained in the paper.

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