Most researchers agree that wave-in-deck loading is of dynamic nature and that the dynamic effects on the structural response are important. However, there exists no engineering practice for the determination of load time histories for waves hitting the decks of fixed offshore platforms. This applies to both the time variation and the magnitude of the loading. This paper presents the main recommendations for wave-in-deck loading with reference to wave tank experiments of a model of the Statfjord A Condeep platform subjected to extreme wave loading. The recommendations for loading from these tests comprise time variation as well as magnitude. These recommendations are used as a basis to suggest a simplified method to estimate wave-in-deck loading on jacket platform decks, for which, to the difference from Condeep platforms, the wave height amplification due to the interaction between the incoming wave and the structure (Swan et al., 1997) is negligible. The resulting ‘recipe’ for wave-in-deck time histories on North Sea jacket platforms is compared to relevant results previously reported in the literature. The method is categorised as a ‘global’ approach, that is, one uses an effective deck area as opposed to a detailed deck model. The method is suggested to be applicable for analyses where a ‘rough but reasonable’ estimate for wave-in-deck loading is sufficient.

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