Extensive studies to develop high deformability linepipe have been conducted. In case of linepipes laid at seismic region, higher resistance to buckling against large strain induced by earthquake related ground movements are required. In order to improve the deformability of pipes, two different types of microstructural control technologies were proposed, base on theoretical and analytical studies on the effect of microstructural characteristics on stress-strain behavior. Grade X65 to X100 linepipes with ferrite-bainite microstructure were manufactured by optimizing the microstructural characteristics. Grade X80 linepipe with bainitic microstructure containing dispersed fine M-A constituents particles was also developed by applying new conceptual TMCP process. Deformability of developed linepipes with two different types of microstructure were evaluated by axial compression test, and all the developed linepipes showed superior resistance to buckling comparing with conventional pipes. Tensile properties after thermal coating of developed high deformability pipe was also investigate. It was shown that increase in yield strength by thermal strain aging was minimized and round-house type stress-strain curve was maintained for the linepipe manufactured by new conceptional TMCP process.

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