FITNET is a four-year European thematic network with the objective of developing and extending the use of fitness-for-service (FFS) procedures for welded and non-welded metallic structures throughout Europe. It is partly funded by the European Commission within the fifth framework programme and commenced in February 2002. The network currently consists of about 50 organisations from 17 European countries but also includes contributions from organisations in the USA, Japan and Korea. Further information can be found in the FITNET TN website: The FITNET FFS Procedure is built up in four major analysis modules namely; Fracture, Fatigue, Creep and Corrosion and the procedure is being developed for completion in early 2006 in the form of CEN Document. The aim of this paper is to present the features, main analysis routes and major areas of technical development pertinent to the Fracture Module of the FITNET FFS Procedure. The procedure is based on previous developments carried out within the SINTAP project as well as advances in other standards such as the British Energy R6 rev 4 and the current amendments to the British Standard BS7910. In addition the work from other EU projects has been used to extend the treatment of several problem areas, such as the effect of constraint and the treatment of thin walled structures.

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