Corrosion control design and management for a new build Floating Production Storage and Offloading installation (FPSO) operating in certain benign regions, such as West Africa, China and Brazil, can provide significantly increased challenges compared to their North Sea counter parts. Even though there are over 100 FPSO’s operating worldwide, designing and implementing a cost optimal Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) system for a 20 year service still remains a major challenge. Primarily this is due to the fact that there is limited information available to facilitate the corrosion control design for a 20 year continuous service. Therefore, it is difficult to select a cost effective corrosion control design that addresses both the fabrication and operational aspects. This paper describes a probabilistic model for coating degradation and its application for implementing IMR for long year service of FPSO’s. The model can be utilized as a tool for planning of inspection and maintenance of the corrosion protective coatings and also estimate the associate costs. This enables the operator to model various scenarios for future inspection and maintenance work and thereby select cost optimal solutions for the given FPSO requirements. The paper will also demonstrate the proposed model through a realistic case study.

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