A combined system consisting of a forecast model to predict ice drift and a viewer tool for ice management, IceMS were developed for providing ice information during the Arctic Coring EXpedition (ACEX). The main task during the multi international expedition ACEX was to retrieve sediment cores from the Lomonosov Ridge in the central Arctic Ocean. Large ice floes or thick ice that drifts towards the drill ship threaten the operation by forcing the drill ship from its position. The gathered ice information was imported into IceMS and presented to the ice management team. Risk analysis for continued drilling operation was made, and instructions of where the Icebreakers Oden and Sovjetski Soyuz should break ice in the drilling area were carried out. The software IceMS contains tools to update the ice conditions, history lines of ships and buoys, and includes the possibility to import track lines showing the ice drift forecasts. The key concept is the combined visualization of map data and up to date imagery from satellite, airplane photos and ice charts, together with results from an ice drift forecast model. It is possible to move the images in IceMS map according to the observed ice drift recorded by the buoys placed on drifting ice floes. An overlay to mark and edit polygons, e.g. representing areas with certain ice classification, can be shown on top of the images. The edit overlay can be exported to file, which enables sharing of judgments and forecasts to other units. The model to predict ice drift is a state of the art ice drift model that is developed for describing rapid changes such as circular motion with a period of about twelve hours called inertial motion. The ice drift forecast was based on weather forecast and measured ocean currents near the drill site. The combined system of IceMS and the forecast model is being further developed for supporting ice management teams on offshore platforms and other constructions in ice infested areas. Results from Ice Management will be presented, showing examples of how IceMS presented ice information and validation of the ice drift model during the Arctic Coring EXpedition (ACEX). New tools in IceMS will also be presented.

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