This paper presents a general axi-symmetrical solid element to be used mainly for the calculation of added masses of water surrounding members of offshore structures, and in general, for multi-purposes such as analyses of shells of revolution, circular beams and plates, axi-symmetrical structures and soils, plane stress/strain problems. Since one element type is used for modeling of different media such as structures, soil and water, the element is very suitable to solve interaction problems. The element is derived parametrically so that changing values of parameters can generate flexible geometrical shapes in exact forms. In the element formulation, a constant shear locking is used to solve bending problems of beam like structures. A similar fluid element is also formulated to analyze fluid-structure interactions and to determine added masses of co-vibrating water. The added mass is calculated from hydrodynamic pressures, which are produced by fluid-structure interactions. In the paper, a special solution algorithm is presented for the coupled eigenvalue problem of the interaction. An analytic calculation of the added mass is also presented for members along which a constant variation of hydrodynamic pressure occurs. A couple of examples are provided to demonstrate applications of the elements explained. Added mass coefficients of offshore structural members (tubular members) are investigated for practical uses.

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