This paper describes why and how the authors have developed an online distance learning package specifically designed with the objective of raising awareness of Metocean amongst Shell’s discipline engineers around the world. Metocean technology is applied across the oil and gas business in design, operational planning and in everyday operations. It has a significant high value impact. Changes in the working and business environment have highlighted a clear need to raise awareness amongst users of Metocean technology — both for the business and for individual competence development. The disciplines identified are project management, structures, floaters, pipelines, subsea, drilling, operations, civil, geomatics and seismic. The paper explores ways to raise this awareness, leading to the choice of a tailored online distance learning course. It describes its design and development, and the incorporation of a number of learning innovations. It also presents the feedback both from line managers and participants on the course, and identifies lessons learnt and areas for improvement. The paper concludes with suggestions for the future and how others can develop bespoke awareness programmes most effectively to add value to their businesses. The significance of this paper is that it focuses on how best to communicate Metocean technology to a broad range of users, and it describes how various online distance learning techniques and innovations were tailored to achieve this. Not only do participants learn about Metocean principles and conditions around the world, but also they select their own business related course assignment. The course design encourages interaction and sharing amongst participants, and includes a variety of case studies and peer reviews. Amongst participants, the course has received high completion, satisfaction and business value scores.

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