This paper provides a selection of findings on the reliability and risk analysis of submarine blowout preventers (BOPs) achieved in recent studies, which the author has participated among technicians in Petrobras and Rio de Janeiro Federal University - UFRJ. Petrobras is a deepwater E&P leading company and special attention has been given on the deepwater and ultra deepwater scenarios. Particular factors on the BOP for dynamic positioning (DP) rigs need to be accounted as far as risks on safety and downtime are concerned. The analyses have considered a comprehensive BOP reliability database that covers more than 12 years of experience, as well as, a collection of DP experience has been accessed during work. The riser safety margin tends to be unavailable as the water depth becomes deeper, and, so, in an emergency disconnection, the safety isolation of the well tends to be relied on the BOP mechanical barriers only. In this context, risks on different configurations of the BOP are compared and their results discussed with focused attention on main factors of risk. Finally, there has been visible progress on BOP reliability within recent years and a number of good operational practices in place are also mentioned in the paper.

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