Structural reliability is of an intense significance for the evaluation of failure probability and safety levels of offshore structures in their structural design stage, especially when the variables are eminently random. Hence, the environmental conditions are considered among the most important parameters in the design of offshore structures whose effect of great contribution to structural safety. The 100 year storm wave height and current velocity constitute the majority of uncertainty in the environmental conditions. Eventually, these values are used as stochastic values i.e. mean values in addition to standard deviation. This paper uses the stochastic values of 100 year storm wave height and current velocity to estimate the probability of failure. These simulations had been encountered in the structural analysis and design on practical case study representing an offshore structure located in the Mediterranean Sea to predict the reliability level. The outcome of these simulations uses the Response Surface Method with design point technique for both stress and displacement limit states. The results of this Reliability method lead to an acceptable level for reliability analysis and risk assessments.

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