This paper investigates the hydrodynamic interaction between several vertical cylinders freely floating in each other’s close vicinity. The physical aspect of hydrodynamic interaction is rather complicated and numerically accurate scheme is highly recommended to study this complex phenomenon. In the present study, 3D source-sink method has been adopted to determine the hydrodynamic coefficients and wave exciting forces by taking into account accurately the effect of hydrodynamic interaction among the different floating bodies. In order to check the convergence of numerical results, mean wetted surface of the floating cylinders are divided into different numbers of rectangular panels. A computer code is developed using 3D source-sink formulations and the validation of the computer code has been justified by comparing the present results with that of the published ones. In order to study the interaction effect, numerical results for a single cylinder have been compared with those of the multi-cylinder ones. The separation distance between the cylinders has been varied to examine the interaction effect for head sea condition. Finally some conclusions have been drawn on the basis of the present analysis.

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