This paper presents a newly developed Floating Regasification Unit (FRU) concept for LNG import in the US Golf of Mexico (GOM) region. The FRU can be converted from a Suezmax tanker and has a turret mooring system. One of the key technologies of the FRU concept is the Side-By-Side (SBS) mooring between the FRU and the LNG Carrier (LNGC) for offloading. The mooring lines and pneumatic fenders between the two vessels should be able to restrain the relative motions to ensure the safe transfer of LNG. Advanced hydrodynamics modeling techniques have been applied, which include full hydrodynamic interactions between the FRU and the LNGC with full QTFs considering the shallow water effect. The anchor legs are modeled as dynamically, fully coupled to the turret and the FRU. The feasibility of the FRU concept is established for LNG import in the GOM, with a variety of workable water depths ranging from 40 meters to more than 100 meters with an uptime exceeding 98%. Analysis results demonstrate the significance of hydrodynamic interactions between the two vessels in close proximity arrangement.

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