Several feasibility studies on the use of large diameters steel catenary’s risers for higher water depths have been made by PETROBRAS. It should be mentioned that the structural design criteria, traditionally employed for such risers under extreme and operational conditions, were based on the API-RP-2RD. This design criterion makes use of single safety factor on von Mises stress. Recently, a new design standard DnV-OS-F201 for metallic risers has been proposed. This standard, based on limit state design principles, are presented on the LRFD (Load and Resistance Factor Design) format, allowing different riser design alternatives to take into account the environmental conditions. This paper presents the main feasibility study outlines of an 18” Steel Lazy Wave Riser (SLWR), attached to the border of a spread-moored FPSO at 1800 water depth, for an extreme design condition, considering both the API and DnV criteria. All numerical analysis were accomplished by the PETROBRAS’s in-house computer code ANFLEX.

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