The document describes practical experience gained from several research programmes and the use of GRP products both offshore and onshore. An OLF document was compiled during 1990’s and the visual inspection part of the document was used in the ISO 14692, part 4 [12] with requirements and defect criteria. Additional parts on ultrasonic and radiographic examination have been included in the Norwegian standard Norsok M-622 [1]. However, we would like to publish the full version of this document and make it available in the public domain. Some of the methods described is well developed, while others still would require research efforts to make the techniques practical useful. For practical use, the visual examination with failure description, acceptance criteria and corrective actions are most developed. Further, radiography has been useful in several projects in assessing the quality of adhesive joints. The ultrasonic testing is expected to become better to use as the equipments and methods are developing. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that this publication is based on the author’s best knowledge. However, no responsibility of any kind for any injury, delay, loss or damage can be accepted for parties using information given herein.

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