Risk Based Inspection (RBI) planning methods for structures have been under development for years. They have now reached a maturity allowing their use in an industrial context. The first applications of detailed RBI where devoted to single components and lately applied in a more extensive way to a set of components, using generic approaches. As being the second part of a report on industrial application of RBI, this present paper focused on RBI for fixed steel offshore structures. The challenge here is the full implementation of the method to a whole set of offshore platforms. General questions arise, such as how to use detailed RBI planning that builds inspection plans of details to establish inspection campaigns for a given platform and, in a more general way, how to go from detailed RBI planning to inspection campaigns for a set of platforms. Also, several more technical issues have been raised during the studies, such as fatigue computations, push-over analyses, risk acceptance criteria and scheduling phases. This paper presents part of the experiences gained using and applying these RBI methods to a specific field of jackets.

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