Practically relevant procedures of construction of the short-term and long-term distributions of wave loads and combined stresses at two- and three-dimensional waves is based on the rather cumbersome schemes of definition of the standards “σyi”, effective periods “Tyie” and correlation coefficients “ryiyi” of wave loads “yi. These calculations can be made more visible and essentially simplified on the basis of the shape stability of the doubly-normalized amplitude-frequency (AFC) and mutual-frequency response characteristics (MFRC). All specific features of these characteristics are determined by their maximum values and frequencies of maxima. In the report the convenient formulae for estimation of σyi, Tyie and ryiyj are derived, and graphs of functions, determining them, for different wave loads are plotted. These relations allow to reveal major influencing factors and use them for construction of the short-term and long-term spectra of wave loads and stresses for full transport ships (CB > 0.75), including FPSO ships, for which non-linear and dynamic effects are expressed rather weakly.

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