Installing a large deck onto a platform, such as a spar, using the floatover method is gaining popularity. This is because the operational cost is much lower than other methods of installation, such as modular lifts or a single piece installation by a heavy lift barge. Deck integration can be performed on land, at quay side and will not depend on a heavy lift barge. A new concept for a floatover vessel has been developed for operations in the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. In this application sea state conditions are essential factors that must be considered in the Gulf of Mexico, especially for transportation. In West Africa, swell conditions will govern floatover deck (FOD) installation. Based on these two different environmental conditions, Technip Offshore Engineering developed the FOD installation concept using semi-submersible barge type vessels. A significant amount of development work and model testing has been done on this method in recent years on spar floatover. These tests have validated our numerical methods. Another test was conducted to investigate the feasibility of a deck float-over operation onto a compliant tower for the Benguela Belize (BBT) project. The BBT project consists of a compliant tower supporting a 25,401 metric ton (28,000 s. ton) integrated deck. This paper will describe comparisons between model test data and numerical predictions of the compliant tower floatover operation.

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