We are interested in an original numerical model based on a spectral approach and able to simulate the focalisation of waves in a wavetank. Such a technique involves fast FFT resolution, permitting accurate simulations of the target wave fields at low cost. This model is specifically designed to fit with experimental conditions, accounting for the physical wavetank geometry including the absorbing beach, sidewalls, and the snake-type wavemaker. The nonlinear equations are developed in perturbation series up to second order in wave steepness. An additional potential is employed to model the generator of the wave tank. Simulations start from rest in the basin, requiring no initial wave patterns as in other spectral models. Firstly, we consider two dimensional spectra to check the ability of the model to reproduce irregular waves. Secondly, cases of wave trains geometrically focusing at a given location of the test area are simulated. Finally, directional sea spectra are generated with imposing a focalisation of the phases at a given time.

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