An extensive model test programme has been carried out with a turret moored FPSO model in design environmental conditions. The model tests were carried out in the 3D offshore wave basin at DHI Water & Environment at a scale of 1:80. The objectives of the model tests were two-fold: 1. To determine quadratic transfer functions for the slow-drift forces. 2. To determine the turret moored FPSO response in design environmental conditions with wave spreading. The model tests were made with a wide range of monochromatic and bi-chromatic wave conditions and also with long- and short-crested irregular wave conditions. For the tests in design conditions the irregular waves were combined with the corresponding wind condition. The model (which was segmented into two parts) was equipped with instruments to measure forces in mooring lines and turret, 6 dof motions of the FPSO, bending moments on the FPSO hull and wave run-up on the FPSO model. The present paper describes the details of the experimental work and the measurements made in the tests. Comparisons between model test results themselves to demonstrate the effects of wave spreading on the responses and comparisons to numerical results are given. The model test programme is part of the REBASDO project, funded by the European Union, and involving companies and institutions from several European Countries. The overall objective with the REBASDO project is to develop met-ocean and hydrodynamic models, which will capture the significant features of directional wave effects on FPSO design so that relevant enhancements in the design process can be incorporated in the future.

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