Sovereign Pipe (formally Halliflow™), a Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe has been developed by Halliburton Wellstream as an alternative pipeline technology for onshore infield flowlines. This technology builds on Wellstream’s strengths in the provision of unbonded flexible pipe solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry since 1989. A significant proportion of global production originates from onshore developments, and this sector has become increasingly concerned with optimizing production output and maximizing the productive life of fields. This requires the flexibility to manage fields and associated wells efficiently and life cycle costs effectively. Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe technology is ideally suited to meet this need, providing a robust product that can operate efficiently in extremes of temperature, for extreme services that have corrosion implications for traditional carbon steel pipes and yet provides the flexibility for re-deployment as field conditions change over the product life. This paper details the Sovereign Pipe design methodology, service criteria, Arctic and tundra applications and associated thermal dynamics which make this product suitable for such life of field applications. Factors specifically considered here include ease of manufacturing and installation, and technical characteristics such as thermal dynamics, chemical resistance to internal fluids and resistance to ultra violet degradation.

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