This paper presents the results of two series of cyclic triaxial shear tests carried out under both uniform and Varied cyclic shear loading and these bring out the influence of load cycles on strain and undrained strength of a cemented marine clay from East coast of India. The undrained shear strength and deformation behaviour of Indian coastal marine clay have been established through a detailed shear testing carried out. In order to estimate the effect brought in by varied cyclic loading, it becomes necessary to conduct reference standard tests under uniform cyclic loading at various cyclic stress ratios (CSR) on identical soil specimens and these stress levels are chosen in such a way that there is no failure taking place during testing. In field situations, storm wave loading is considered to be irregular cyclic loading in which there is a continuous variation in the load level from one cycle to the other. The results obtained from tests under uniform cyclic loading are compared with the results obtained from tests under varied cyclic loading.

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