This paper describes further investigations, utilising small scale test cells, into the general corrosion which can occur on wires within the inherent annulus space in a flexible pipe, particularly, and for the first time, in a sour service (H2S containing) environment. The work enhances data presented previously in 2002. Tests have been performed in cells specifically designed to simulate, as closely as possible, the environment and confines of a flexible pipe annulus, using solutions of both deionized water and seawater (to represent seawater flooding and condensed water). The systems were saturated with CO2 and H2S to simulate permeation of gases through the polymer pressure sheath (as predicted by validated permeation models). Weight loss measurements were undertaken in order to quantify the corrosion rate in these simulated annulus environments and metallography was undertaken to characterise the corrosion and check for HIC/SOHIC.

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