The theoretical framework of a new dynamic reliability analysis approach for offshore jacket platforms is constructed in this paper. In this approach, the structural dynamic reliability analysis integrates the structural dynamic response theory with the random sampling technique on stochastic variables of the platform. Offshore jacket platform is assumed as a shear type one and is controlled by its horizontal resistance bearing capacity. The failure criterion of offshore platform dynamic reliability includes two aspects: strength failure criterion and deformation failure criterion. The strength failure criterion is based on the double-damage criterion of ultimate dynamic analysis, while the deformation failure criterion depends on the requirement of the offshore oil production. The dynamic reliability formula of offshore platforms is gained on the basis of the first crossing theory. In this paper, uncertainties of offshore jacket platform dynamic reliability subjected to wave hydrodynamic and seismic action are studied respectively. The probabilistic distributions and its statistical characteristics of wave hydrodynamic and seismic action are given on the base of limit bearing state of the platform. The dynamic reliability analysis of an offshore platform W11-4C, located at the gulf of Weizhou, South China Sea, is carried out. Some valuable conclusions are summarized.

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