In this paper, we study the problem of wave slamming on the cross structures of both fast ferry type catamarans and ocean going racing sailing catamarans. The emphasis is given to the prediction of the statistical distributions of slamming occurrence and slamming pressure magnitudes in a random seaway. A partly non-linear high-speed strip theory sea-keeping program is used to calculate the vessel motions and the relative motions between any part of the hull and the sea surface, including slamming impact velocity. Impact velocities are classified in 5 groups, and slamming pressures calculated for each group. To calculate vessel motions of heeled sailing catamarans a strip method for an asymmetric multi-hull is developed; the theory and initial results are presented. An investigation into the effect of sail forces on motions and slamming occurrence is also performed. The sail forces are found to be an important factor in predicting motions of sailing catamarans. The procedure proposed in this paper gives the necessary information to estimate the maximum slamming pressures the vessel is likely to encounter and equally importantly the expected frequency of lighter slams, which is useful for fatigue calculations.

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