We present the introduction of lifting effects in a code of calculation [1–3] based on a first order panel method using the diffraction-radiation with forward speed Green function satisfying a linearised free-surface condition and the radiation one. A mixed formulation has been used with a source distribution on the hull and a doublet one on the plane of symmetry and the wake of lifting parts of the body, leading to an integral equation derived from the 3 rd Green identity. The Green function and its derivatives are not computed but are directly integrated on elementary panels, segments or semi-infinite strips. Results are presented for semi-submerged ellipsoid, rectangular surface-piercing bodies, Wigley hull, Series 60 ship, sailing boat and military 5415 hull. Global forces, moments but also free surface elevations are compared with the results of other methods and with measurements, either in steady or in unsteady flows in the frequency domain.

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