This paper presents the application of different analytical methods to determine critical temperature-pressure conditions for the burst of typical pipes used in offshore process plants. The applications of a dynamic non-linear Finite Element method and a simplified analytical method are presented and compared. The application of the Finite Element method is based on the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulation allowing for the simultaneous simulation of pipe burst and hydrocarbon gas flow to the environment. Numerical predictions are compared with available experiments. The paper also presents the behaviour of pipes after burst with the following impact on neighbouring pipes. The study covers impact between large pipes as well as impact between large and small pipes. Due to impact between pipes, the impacted pipes can collapse, disintegrate and in some cases become projectiles. Impact forces between pipes, together with impact energies are calculated for typical process pipe sizes and materials. Effects of different boundary conditions for pipes and forces in pipe supports are also presented in the paper.

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