The objective of this paper is to provide operators of floating production systems that utilise dynamic flexible risers an opportunity to review the technology and procedures adopted by PGS Production. These procedures were utilised in order to verify/re-use the damaged/seawater annulus flooded Banff risers. Most of these risers were also classified as being safety critical. The scope of the work carried out covers the development of a seawater displacement treatment system using an inhibitor fluid. The feasibility and efficacy of the flushing treatment were rigorously developed based on hydraulic test analysis using sections taken from an actual flexible riser. An extensive corrosion fatigue-testing programme using seawater/CO2/inhibitor was carried out to establish optimal safe service lives for the “damaged and treated” case for these risers. This paper presents the successful results from this work covering the development of the remedial treatment process and the resulting corrosion fatigue work that has been conducted.

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