There is an increasing number of ageing installations in UK waters, many of which are being or will be operated beyond their original planned service life. This important trend, in combination with (a) the introduction of risk-based goal-setting regulations which require the maintenance of life cycle integrity as a key target, (b) the development of guidelines in the draft ISO standard for offshore structures, ISO 19902, and (c) significant technology advances in recent years (e.g. in loading, fatigue, fire and blast integrity and system integrity), makes reassessment an important consideration in the structural integrity management of offshore installations. The paper outlines procedures in place for reassessment, including those in the draft ISO standard, and reviews recent technical advances relevant to this area. The important role of inspection and maintenance for existing structures is assessed and related to both current practices and target requirements. The need for reliable and comprehensive inspection data is important for reassessment and the status of this is reviewed. An overall framework for reassessment is developed in the light of the above issues.

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